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Our firm manages complex divorces, criminal charges, estate planning and probate. Protect yourself.

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The emotional turmoil of a divorce is hard enough to manage, especially when children are involved. If you have a ranch, a farm, a business or other significant assets that must be divided, the process becomes even more complicated.

At Strange, Farrell, Johnson, & Brewers, P.C., our firm maintains a focus on complex, high-asset divorce cases, meticulously preparing each case in preparation for a potential trial. We also manage estate planning concerns for the shifting needs of our divorce clients.


Greg Brewers has been selected to the 2019 Edition of The Best Lawyers in America for Family Law.

Family Law

Family changes can be emotionally disruptive, even for events you can anticipate such as adoption. Our firm is here to ensure that these changes aren't also disruptive to your financial stability and legal rights. We understand that it can be difficult to make sound and sustainable decisions about your future while under emotional strain.

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Criminal Law

Being charged with a crime is a jarring experience no matter what the circumstances. It can also complicate your position if it happens in the course of a divorce proceeding. At Strange, Farrell, Johnson & Brewers, P.C., our skilled defense lawyers are prepared to protect you from the harsh consequences you may face after an arrest.

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Estate Planning

We offer estate planning services such as: Wills, Living Wills, Trusts, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Finanical Power of Attorney, and Probate. We also can help you obtain Guardianship and Conservatorship. Estate Planning is an excellent tool to direct the disposition of your estate in a manner you can trust to be consistent with your wishes.

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Probate is the legal process by which a deceased person's estate is administered by a personal representative to pay the decedent's final debts and distribute the decedent's property. It is applicable when the decedent dies with or without a valid will and can be accomplished with or without the Court's direct supervision depending on the circumstances or the presence of any dispute.

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